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Europe Airpost

As from 1st May Europe Airpost will offer direct flights to southern France: Toulouse and Bordeaux will be two new destinations that can be reached directly from Vienna. The route will be served twice a week by a Boeing 737-300.

Timetable to Bordeaux:

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDaysPeriod
BOD-VIE5O 90307:3009:451      501MAY-07SEP
VIE-BOD5O 90416:3518:501      501MAY-07SEP

Timetable to Toulouse:

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDaysPeriod
TLS-VIE5O 905  13:3515:451      501MAY-07SEP
VIE-TLS5O 90610:4512:501      501MAY-07SEP

Flights can be booked on: and by your travel agency.

Air Baltic

Air Baltic expands its network to Vienna. The airline will launch the service to Tallinn in May and will offer 4 flights per week.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
TLL-VIEBT 20506:2008:15  2    5
VIE-TLLBT 20610:4514:35  2    5
TLL-VIEBT 20716:5018:451    4
VIE-TLLBT 20820:5000:40 (+1)1    4

Flights can be booked on:


This summer Aegean will launch a new destination from Vienna: Flights to Rhodes will be offered twice per week, every Tuesday and Friday.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDaysZeitraum
RHO-VIEA3 48007:1008:55  2    522MAY-16OCT
VIE-RHOA3 48109:4013:15  2    522MAY-16OCT

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Starting on March 30, 2015, Austria’s national carrier will fly to Odessa in the Ukraine four times per week, namely on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
VIE-ODSOS 61910:3013:201  3  5  7
ODS-VIEOS 62015:4016:401  3  5  7

Flights can be booked on:

Korean Air

This summer Korean Air will increase its frequencies to Seoul. From 6th July till 19th October an additional flight on Mondays will be offered.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
ICN-VIEKE 93712:5017:101  3  5  7
VIE-ICNKE 93818:4011:50 (+1)1  3  5  7

Flights can be booked on:


SunExpress launches a new destination: The airline will offer seasonal flights to Dalaman, on the south-western coast of Turkey. One weekly flight will depart from Vienna every Sunday.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDaysPeriod
DLM-VIEXQ 76907:5509:45            714JUN-27SEP
VIE-DLMXQ 79710:4514:30            714JUN-27SEP

Flights can be booked on:  and by your travel agency.


NIKI launches further new destinations: Catania, the second-largest city in Sicily, will be served every Monday and Thursday.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
VIE-CTAHG 881011:2513:301    4
CTA-VIEHG 881114:1516:201    4

Starting on 9th May the new service to the Spanish harbour town Alicante will be opened. Sun-seekers will be offered two connections per week, every Tuesday and Saturday.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays 
VIE-ALCHG 262806:3509:20  209MAY-29SEP
ALC-VIEHG 262910:0512:50  209MAY-29SEP
VIE-ALCHG 262807:3010:50          612MAY-24OCT
ALC-VIEHG 262911:0013:45          612MAY-24OCT

More connections to Zurich: Starting with summer timetable NIKI increases the number of weekly flights by 5 and offers up to 5 daily flights to the largest city in Switzerland.

Flights can be booked on:


Austrian will increase its flights this coming summer to Athens. The airline will then offer eleven frequencies to the Greek capital.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays 
VIE-ATHOS 80110:2513:401234567 
ATH-VIEOS 80214:5516:201234567 
VIE-ATHOS 80321:1500:30+11  3  56New!
ATH-VIEOS 80407:3008:45  2  4  67New!

Flights can be booked on:


This summer NIKI will expand its network to Greece: Starting on 6th April NIKI´s A320 will serve Athens on a daily basis except Saturday.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
VIE-ATHHG 864011:3013:3512345  7
ATH-VIEHG 864114:2516:4512345  7

The airline also launches a new destination in Slovakia: As from October flights to Bratislava will be offered on a daily basis except Saturday, the return flight will be offered daily except Sunday.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
VIE-BTSHG 899617:5018:1512345  7
BTS-VIEHG 899710:2510:5012345
BTS-VIEHG 899708:1508:35          6

Flights can be booked on:

Estonian Air

Estonian Air will resume flights from Tallinn to Vienna in summer 2015. The flights will be operated three times a week on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. During the summer months the flights on Fridays depart later from Tallinn.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDaysPeriod
TLL-VIEOV 19107:0008:20            7 
VIE-TLLOV 19209:2012:35            7 
TLL-VIEOV 19312:0013:20    3  5 
VIE-TLLOV 19414:3017:40    3  5 
TLL-VIEOV 19318:1519:30        519JUN-21AUG
VIE-TLLOV 19420:1523:30        519JUN-21AUG

Flights can be booked on:


As from 29th October 2015 Austrian launches a new holiday destination: The nonstop service from Vienna to Mauritius will be offered every Thursday.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
VIE-MRUOS 01717:1506:55 (+1)      4
MRU-VIEOS 01808:1516:30        5

Flights can be booked on:

China Airlines

In summer 2015 China Airlines expands its capacity on the Taipei – Vienna route. Starting from 1st June the service will be operated by a Boeing 747-400.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
TPE-VIECI 06323:1006:30 (+1)1  3    6
VIE-TPECI 06411:3506:05 (+1)  2  4    7

Flights can be booked on:

Air Moldova

Starting on 30 March 2015 Air Moldova resumes the connection to Chisinau. Three weekly flights will be offered: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
KIV-VIE9U 86713:5014:301  3
VIE-KIV9U 86815:2017:501  3
KIV-VIE9U 86714:2015:00        5
VIE-KIV9U 86815:5018:20        5

Flights can be booked on:


Spanish low-cost airline Vueling expands its network and opens a new route from Vienna to Rome. Starting on 30th March 2015 the airline will offer up to 7 weekly flights.

Flights can be booked on:


Starting on 4th November Emirates will increase its service from Dubai to Vienna to 14 weekly flights. The airline thus offers – also on Tuesdays – a double daily connection.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
DXB-VIEEK 12709:1512:301234567
VIE-DXBEK 12814:0022:401234567
DXB-VIEEK 12512:1520:351234567
VIE-DXBEK 12622:0506:35 (+1)1234567

Flights can be booked on:  

Onur Air

Vienna Airport welcomes a new airline: Starting on October 26th Onur Air launches the route to Istanbul. The service will be operated by an Airbus A320.  

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
IST-VIE8Q 64310:3011:40  2  4  67
VIE-IST8Q 64412:3015:40  2  4  67

Flights can be booked on:

Etihad Regional

NEW in Vienna: As from November 3rd Etihad Regional introduces up to two daily flights to Dresden.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
DRS-VIEF7 28807:2008:20123456
VIE-DRSF7 28909:3010:50123456
DRS-VIEF7 29017:0018:1012345  7
VIE-DRSF7 29118:5520:1512345  7

Flights can be booked on:


Aegean increases its flights to Athens. Effective from winter timetable the airline offers 5 weekly flights to the capital of Greece.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
ATH-VIEA3 88009:1010:301  3    6
VIE-ATHA3 88111:2014:351  3    6
ATH-VIEA3 88016:3517:50        5  7
VIE-ATHA3 88118:3521:45        5  7

Flights can be booked on:


Austrian Airlines is expanding its flight service to and from Chişinău. Instead of seven times per week, up to ten flights will be offered in the future to the Moldovan capital.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
VIE-KIVOS 65512:4015:151234567
KIV-VIEOS 65615:5516:451234567
VIE-KIVOS 65722:1501:10    3  5  7
KIV-VIEOS 65804:4005:501    4  6

Flights can be booked on:


During the winter timetable the airline will continue to fly up to 9 times per week to Istanbul-SAW.

Sun Express

Morocco! As from Novermber 7th Sun Express launches a new holiday destination. Marrakech will be served every Monday and Friday.

Flights can be booked by your travel agency

TAP Portugal

Effective from winter timetable TAP Portugal increases its capacity to Lisbon from 7 to up to 9 weekly frequencies.

Flights can be booked on:

Qatar Airways

More comfort during the flight to Doha: As from September 1st Qatar Airways will introduce- as the first airline - a Boeing 787 Dreamliner on the daily service to Vienna. 

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
DOH-VIEQR 18101:5006:40    3  5  7
DOH-VIEQR 18308:3513:2512  4  6
VIE-DOHQR 18211:4518:05    3  5  7
VIE-DOHQR 18416:4523:0512  4  6

Flights can be booked on:

Air Algerie

Effective from October 28th the routing from Algiers to Vienna will be extended to Moscow SVO.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
ALG-VIEAH 300614:2516:55  2    5
VIE-SVOAH 300617:5523:15  2    5
SVO-VIEAH 300713:0512:45    3    6
VIE-ALGAH 300713:4516:15    3    6

Flights can be booked on:


Starting with winter timetable Norwegian will increase its flights to Oslo. The airline will then offer one more weekly flight with a service on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
OSL-VIEDY 163209:3011:451  3  5
VIE-OSLDY 163312:2514:401  3  5

Flights can be booked on:


As from 31st October 2014 more connections will be available to the French-speaking area of Switzerland: Starting with winter timetable, EasyJet Switzerland launches flights to Geneva on Airbus A319 aircraft and expands its service to up to four weekly frequencies until December.

GVA-VIEEZS 148514:3016:051  (3)  5  7
VIE-GVAEZS 148616:3518:151  (3)  5  7

Easyjet will remain offering up to two flights per day to London-Gatwick in winter 2014/2015

For flight schedules and booking please refer to:


NIKI is aiming to launch a daily service from Vienna to Abu Dhabi this upcoming winter. Subject to government and regulatory approvals, the first flight will take off from Vienna on 24th November 2014. This will be the first long-haul service in the NIKI route network. 


RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
VIE-AUHHG 708611:1019:501234567
AUH-VIEHG 708702:4006:101234567

* subject to regulatory approval

Flights can be booked on:


As from 17th September EasyJet launches a new destination: Rome will be served four times weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

RouteFlight numberDeparture*ArrivalDays
FCO-VIEEZY 488318:4020:251  3  5  7
VIE-FCOEZY 488420:5522:351  3  5  7

*Flight timings during winter timetable 2014/2015 are subject to change.

Flights can be booked on:

British Airways

An Outlook on the winter timetable: British Airways will be increasing the number of services to Vienna from London Heathrow effective 26 October 2014 following to the increase for Summer 14. The airline will then offer five daily flights from Sunday to Friday and four daily flights on Saturdays all year round.

Timetable of the additional flights:

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
LHR-VIEBA 70212:5016:0012345  7
VIE-LHRBA 70317:0018:1012345  7

Flights can be booked on:

Iraqi Airways

Vienna Airport welcomes a new airline: Starting on 25th April Iraqi Airways launches the route Vienna-Erbil-Baghdad. With the service to Najaf a second destination in Iraq is offered every Sunday. All flights are operated by an Airbus A-320.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
BGW-EBL-VIEIA 27106:0012:001      5
VIE-EBL-BGWIA 27213:0018:451      5
NJF-BGW-VIEIA 27306:0012:00            7
VIE-BGW-NJFIA 27413:0018:45            7

Flights can be booked on:


Starting with winter timetable 2014 NIKI will launch two new destinations to Morocco. The flights to Marrakesh, Morocco’s magic imperial city, will depart every Wednesday. Agadir, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, will be connected every Monday and Wednesday.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
VIE-AGAHG 373408:2511:301
AGA-VIEHG 373512:1017:151
VIE-AGAHG 373420:0023:05    3
AGA-VIEHG 373500:4505:50      4

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
VIE-RAKHG 228620:0022:55    3
RAK-VIEHG 228700:5505:50      4

Buchungen unter:


One more Star Alliance member will launch a new connection to Vienna: Starting on 2nd June Africa´s biggest airline Ethiopian will commence flights to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. The service will be operated by a Boeing 757 and Boeing 767-300.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
ADD-VIEET 72400:2006:101  34  6
VIE-ARNET 72406:5009:001  34  6
ARN-VIEET 72520:0022:101  34  6
VIE-ADDET 72523:1007:05 (+1)1  34  6

Flights can be booked on:

Air China

New airline: Vienna Airport welcomes Star Alliance member Air China! Starting on 5th May the airline will open a new route from Beijing via Vienna to Barcelona. The service will be operated 4 times weekly by an Airbus A330.

RouteFlight numberDepartureArrivalDays
PEK-VIECA 84102:1006:101  34    7
VIE-BCNCA 84107:3009:251  34    7
BCN-VIECA 84211:2513:251  34    7
VIE-PEKCA 84214:5505:55 (+1)1  34    7

Flights can be booked on:

As from May 2nd 2014 will open a new year-round service to Manchester, UK. The route will be served 3 times a week in Summer every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 2 times a week in Winter. offers the only direct scheduled service between Vienna and the North of England.



Flight number








1 3 5





1 3 5

Flights can be booked on

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